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Improve your golf swing by mastering your and posture.

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The backswing & downswing are one of the most important elements of the golf swing. With Swing Pro Plus Motion Trainer, it's now easy to master these moves!

Load and store more power, be ready to unleash into the golf ball and hit shots with effortless distance.

Making It Easy To Get Better At Golf

The Divot Dizzy was our first product. We noticed that the most common mistake among beginner and intermediate golfers was slicing their shots.

We made it our first mission to make that mistake easy to fix, and that's how the Divot Dizzy came about.

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DizzySwing PRO

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Introducing DizzySwing PRO - the best golf swing motion training aid in the world! It allows you to learn through feel, installs a new improved simple swing sensation, that is easy to repeat and transfer seamlessly to the course.  

Practice anytime, anywhere - Easily develop backswing / downswing muscle memory and witness how a few repetitions a day can lead to a lasting change!